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The Americas Virtual Conference

A Quick Review

Thank you for attending the Americas Virtual Conference 2022, hosted by Trelleborg Sealing Solutions. We hope you enjoyed the event! You can watch a recording of each session below. Feel free to share this review site with your colleagues! Thank you again for attending, and we hope to see you at the next one!

Presentation Recordings

Welcome to the Americas Virtual Conference

Linda Muroski (President, Marketing Americas and Global Healthcare & Medical), Antonio Neves (Host)

Hosts Linda Muroski and Antonio Neves welcome you to the conference, highlight the presentation topics and discuss the reason for focusing on the Future of Manufacturing.

Panel Discussion: Exploring Mega Trends

Linda Muroski (President, Marketing Americas and Global Healthcare & Medical), Mel Melehes (Regional Sales Director), Luis Fronterotta (Regional Director LATAM), Elijah Soares (Director of Customer Advocacy)

This panel discussion focuses on the Mega Trends shaping the Future of Manufacturing, including Digital Transformation, Circular Products, Localized Production/Near Sourcing and Sustainability. The Trelleborg team takes a high-level look at each of these trends and sets the stage for the presentations throughout the day.

Mega Trend: Digital Transformation

Uwe Haehnel (Director Lead Group ServicePLUS Europe), Kyle Kipfer (Project Manager, Web & E-Tools), Tim von der Bey (Service Development Specialist) and Will Bacon (ServicePLUS Segment Manager)

The digital transformation trend continues to shape how companies operate, regardless of the industry. Uwe, Tim, and Kyle take turns highlighting different aspects of this trend and discussing how Trelleborg is staying at the leading edge. Will follows this up by sharing information about Trelleborg's wireless automated replenishment system – Intellistok®.

Mega Trend: Circular Products

David Kaley (Business Development Manager), Michael Cook (Global Segment Director, Off-Highway and Marketing Americas Segment Manager, Fluid Power)

The circular economy references methodologies by which people and companies can reduce pollution through the careful application of design thinking, which implies that a product’s design is focused on re-use, refurbishment, and waste reduction. David and Michael review the circular product concept, share examples, and discuss how seal design can be included in your design thinking for circular products.

Mega Trend Panel Discussion: Localized Production / Near Sourcing

Heather Castleman (Senior Director, Strategy & Marketing and Director, Mergers & Acquisitions for Marketing Americas Industrial), Elijah Soares (Director of Customer Advocacy)

With global supply chains experiencing unprecedented shortages, manufacturers are looking to localize production and near-source to mitigate risk. In this session, you’ll learn how Trelleborg’s ServicePLUS Centers help our customers operate more efficiently, improve working capital, and increase speed to market.

Mega Trend: Sustainability

Prof. Dr. Konrad Saur (Vice President - Innovation & Technology)

The push to further efforts around sustainability is causing companies and individuals to rethink how they operate. Dr. Konrad Sauer discusses how Trelleborg supports customers on their sustainability journey without compromising product performance and reliability.


Linda Muroski (President, Marketing Americas and Global Healthcare & Medical), Antonio Neves (Host)

Hosts Linda Muroski and Antonio Neves close the conference by recapping the day’s events.

Photos of the Event